I Need A Character To Edit


Hey hi, I’m looking for a character to edit but I’m sick of all the characters I have and I want to avoid anything in my head completely in order to take a new artistic direction with something different.

I need a character that’s completely different to anything in my mind. I use art as a way to treat my stress and my mind is currently a toxicity so therefore following some stupid artistic logic in order to heal myself I need to try something different.

Yeah everything said above is bullsh*t, could someone just give me a character plzz??


U Can use mine


Thanks so much lol


No problem :wink::ok_hand:t5:


I don’t think I have a screenshot but…

Hair: Straight (White)
Face shape: Round
Eyes: Upturned Bold (White)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural (Black)
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Blossom Lips (Bubblegum Pink)
Skin tone: Light



Okay looking at people’s characters I’m realising now why I’m sick of my own, they all look the same.


Wait they all look the same??? R they clones???



no, I’m just selective and use my favourite noses, eyes and lips.


Who wouldn’t pick their favourites? Maybe some would but I would pick my favourite ones


I need to start being diverse, make them look realistic. All of my characters use one of my top four fave lips, noses and eyes. It’s sad how bad my catalogue is


U can always just… close your eyes and randomly pick some


Heyy, I don’t have a screenshot at the moment, but–

Skin tone: Tan
Brows: Mature Round
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Platinum Blond)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Brown)
Face shape: Oval
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Blossom Lips (Blush)





@Sydney_H I’m good, this thread is no longer needed :smile:



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: