Hey guys! It’s yo gurl natty lol known as the bootifull nutt
I have friend’s in the episode forum’s and they are awsome! <3
But I’d like to have a friend that share’s my beliefs so I can talk to her/him about how i feel about some things ( I’m not replacing friends ) I just want a christian friend that I can talk to freely.
If u are Christian and want to be my friend please comment below and I’ll pm you!
Thank u guys
All love
xoxo Natty__


Hi I’m Christian :slight_smile:




I’m christian too!




lol you sound so exited bout it.


Omg it’s just so hard to find us lol


We’re in extincion ahhh :frowning:


well girl now you found one more christian friend!


yes…you are right…


Haha lol I thought nobody woul comment :frowning:


Bruhhhh so am I


lol when I saw this thread I was like oh finally I’m not alone


Before I made it I was like I’m alone lol
I’ll find out if there’s any one outt there lol


You are?


Yuppp I never said I wasn’t lol


Well…I’l explain you on pm lol


Okie dokie


But I understand if you are just tired of being my friend! :cry:


Wuuttt u saying gurl! nooo