I need a co-author for a thriller/romance

Hi there! I’m Xing, and I’m new to the forums! (And episode in general, I’ve just started reading maybe a month or two ago?) After finishing a few stories, I thought I could write my own with someone! Don’t worry about coding— I can do most of it myself, I watched a bunch of tutorials :rofl:

The story I’m planning to write is in the Thriller section, although there will be some Romance as well. I don’t have an Instagram yet, but I’ll make one if it’s easier for us to chat there! Here’s a short summary of the plot— I don’t have much planning done kaqkxkakaes 🥲

Description (NOT OFFICIAL)

The year is 2077. A fatal disease has plagued the face of the Earth, taking the lives of millions. A small group of friends are among some of the last human survivors in the barren world. The group struggle with avoiding the disease, finding food and water, as well as fending off strange undead creatures that seem to be the product of the disease. How will the group survive? …And what measures will they take to ensure that they do…?

It’s up to the reader if they want to romance a character or not. Romancing certain characters will unlock different endings. If the reader chooses not to romance anyone, there will also be a different ending… :eyes: In case you’re wondering, I’m planning on having 5 different endings.

Anyways, if you’ve read up until here- Wow! Good job (: You can probably tell there is still a lot I need to work on, and more info is in the works 🥲 Regardless, I’m looking for forward to writing with one of you guys! <3


I would love to work with you!


Great! Would you prefer we chat in PMs or on Instagram?

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PMs on here would be better

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Have you already found a partner? I would LOVE to get in on this.