I NEED A CO-AUTHOR (help with characters, dialogue, and keeping the story alive!)

Hi guys. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between writing a LOT of different stories because nothing really motivates me to keep working. If i had a writing partner to bounce ideas off of, get dialogue, build character personalities-keeping them alive, and overall just helping with writing. I’m good with backgrounds and coding. I just need someone to keep the creativity high with me!!


Hey, sweetie, I can try helping you if you need. You can reach out to me and we can discuss it more :slight_smile:

Same. I could consult if you needed notes or encouragement. I’m co-writing with someone else at the moment, but I could coach a little.

Hi I have a couple of stories I’m working on but it would be cool to collaborate on something! Coding is typically where I lose interest (I’m not the greatest) let me know if you’d be interested. My story link in my bio if you want to see my writing style.

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