I need a co-author


Hi I have a story called It gets worse but since its my first time i need someone to help me write this. I have a good feeling this might be a hit but I need someone to help


Tell me a bit about your story!


^^ yesh


My story is about this girl in high school named Ada and her struggles being an african american girl. Its a comedy


What is Ada’s personality like?


Ooooooh I’d love to help!
Sure I’m not American but I feel like being black can contribute enough XD


I have questions before I allow my contributions;

What is your race?;
What do you need to know?;


I’m African American and I’m sure I can help if you still need it! :grin:


fiesty sassy but also can be sweet at times. Also kind of a class clown




I am African american myself and I just need to know some more advanced directing but yeah basically it