I Need... A Co-Author!

You see, when it comes to writing stories, I have all these ideas on what to do, but then sometimes… the idea will never get done. So basically, I would like a co-writer to make Episodes and collaborate ideas with!

I’d love to help. I feel the exact same

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hi what kind of stories am you interested in writing e.g. fantasy , as I’m new to this we could help each other you could give me tips and suggest what can be done and ill help write stories …

I prefer to write fantasy stories! :smiley:
I’m kinda new to this as well but I’m sure we could help each other too.
Do you have any ideas that we could start to work off?

I have a story yes its called DEADLIEST KISS
this will be maybe a 3 or 4 book /story if we get the hits
ill explain my story the best I can …

the main character will be the reader which is female so they get to choose there name and appearance.
the other main character will be Dean / Ryan ( haven’t decided on the 1st name yet) second name will be Ice and the reader will get to decide what he will look like as he will be the main love interest.

this is the description what I got so far any ideas or improvents will be appreciated

(readers name) decideds to put her destiny as an immortal witch to the side, so she can take the chance to live like a normal girl amongst regular humans before she too is part of the fey world. She wants a break from magic and all the dangerous drama that comes with it, but life doesn’t always let you do as you please.

Magic is supposed to be simple - you’re either light or dark. But (readers name) is brutally awakened when she learns that life isn’t always so simple. There are gray areas, and there is more to being light than simply saying you are.

But magic isn’t her only problem, humans have problems as well. When she meets Dean/Ryan Ice, she finds herself in a situation she’s never been before. She’s been sheltered by her overly protective mother, so being with a guy hasn’t ever been an easy task. Dean/Ryan makes it impossible not to try… while she can. Though she knows she’ll have to leave him once her body turns immortal, she can’t help but fall for him.

What’s the problem with a witch loving a human? So, so many things. Her world is too dangerous, and her attempt to take a break from it fails miserably when her mother is taken captive. With danger always around her, she knows Dean/Ryan will never be safe. But it’s too hard to let him go.

Dean/Ryan not so fragile though, and he refuses to lose the only girl he’s ever really cared for. Secrets are a part of (readers name) life, but she’s not the only one with a locked vault full of unspoken truths. When the secrets come out, (readers name) loses all her faith, her will, and her hope.

btw the end plot is that she finds out he is a vampire which is a big no, no for a light witch but ryan or dean never knows she is a witch till end its a plot twist for the next story episode but yeh.
I already know how I want to write the story its just doing it on episode lol its confusing …

what you think

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While I really like how you’ve got the story going, I think the description might be a little too long to put for it. The reader may end up getting to those other details eventually right? So the description is kinda what the drama is.

the description is basically the blurb you have the back of your book to get the reader going and yeh the reader will have other love interests and big choices that the reader will get to choose and yeh the description is the drama for the 1st book.

True, but you generally read stories on the app, and they aren’t very long…
SO maybe something like the first paragraph you have there

okay your right , would you like to help me write it on episode or…

I can’t exactly help you because that story is on your account, but preferably it would be better to help you write it on Episode…

okay how do we do that lol I’m completely new to this?

The problem here is that there doesn’t seem to be a way for two different people to work on the same thing. What generally seems to happen is sharing the same account so that I could see the account as well.
I think theres this other feature, at the bottom of the page that has “charachter” “outfits” “continue episode 1” buttons, and others can click on it to see it before you publish it, but I dont think you can see or alter the coding…

Um… may I…
You guys can create a email ID for both of you and then share it and you both can work on the same story just login with the same ID on the writer’s portal…

How would they share the story and have the code come up as well?

Um… can you explain what you mean as I didn’t quite get what you mean??

So how do you share the story then?

No, when you share the LINK for a story with someone else they wouldn’t be able to alter or change anything in it…
As they are reading it not writing it…

So how do you share the story then?

Do you mean the coding of it??

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