I need a co writer ASAP

Hi I am in need of a co writer I am highly new and I need someone who is an advanced coder and someone who’s willing to do it for free. I will give them credit or they can go in my story and do it them selfs. If anyone is up to this they can contact me threw Instagram and my username is Moonlight.episode9.

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I would totally help but I am in NO WAY an advanced coder :sweat_smile: I’m super slow myself

I’m just about done with the first chapter of my story but I need to edit it…I can’t edit because episode “create” on moble is messed up…I need someone to help me code it would mean a lot contact me on Instagram moonlight.episode1 for further details pleasssseeee I’m desperate at this point

you should poste this probably in finding writing partner.

Ok done

I can help if you haven’t found one already