I need a co-writer for my story

i have the initial idea but i would like if someone could develop the story with me.

What’s your idea I would be glad to help

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its a little bit hard to explain but the main idea is about a girl that looses everything, and her transicion from a quiet girl who doesnt believe in herself to this really well written strong female character.
and her whole story of loosing and winning at the same time. Maybe a little bit of romance too, i dont know :upside_down_face:

I like that idea I might be able to help if u still want :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to help

Ooh I really like that. What exactly do you mean by “ loses everything “ though? Does she just lose the shy part of her? Or does she go through some family hardships? Maybe if you elaborate a little more you could expand the storyline and get started soon! Because if you get the basic idea for it, you could write it down and just edit and revise everything?

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yess. i would love if you helped too :slight_smile:

she looses her parents, and is left alone to face life and learn things only her parents can teach her all by herself, making a lot of mistakes along the way of course. All this “loss” form her and changes her in so many different ways (i was thinking that in the beggining she is very cold and afraid of getting close to people but then she learrns to let down her guard)

oh and also she ocan have a sibling wich could be the only reason the main character keeps fighting for her “happy ending”

Oh my god that’s amazing! I like the idea of her being cold at the beginning. Wow. This is going to be a great story oh my god!

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wow, thank you so much!
i thought it was kind of a lame or boring idea so i need help to write about al this “challenges” properlly.
And i also want to show that even if romance comes into her life she dosn´t depend on her love interest at all.

I wan´t to create a real main character, and not only include “sureal struggles” but i also want to include struggles like body image, self love, self worth. Hoping to not only entretain but to teach something

yess please helpp :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my god yesssssss. I love strong female characters who don’t have to depend on love.

so, are you in?

Yes, of course!

I wrote the begginig and created some of the main characters already. I have to code the first three episodes and we are good to go

Hell yeah! I cant wait oml!

god i hate coding

Yeah, it can be difficult sometimes.