I need a co-writer, or want

Hi everyone. I been writing stories for a while now but never had the guts to make a whole story but, here I am. Making a story about homecoming king and queen who are also exes (ex’s? Idk). Next thing you know the whole school tries to get you two back together. I already got 4 episode written on my phones notes but I need a second opinion if it’s good or not. I really want this story, along with other stories, really good but I can’t do this on my own. That’s why I need a partner to write my stories with me. Thank you for reading. Sorry if it’s too much

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I can help!

I would totally love to see your story. If you found someone else (ignore this)

Oh my gawd. I’m literally shaking that’s how nervous I am. But, hi. First off do u like my story idea?

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If u would like I can make an ig account so we can text there🙂

Yes I love your story Idea it sounds amazing!!! And yeah my Ig account is clarkiiie._.episode!

Also is your story in INK or Limelight?

Ink and hold on I’m making it rn

If you wouldn’t mind, I would love it if you would help me make my story?

I would love to


Oh wow. Ig is saying something is wrong with my email account :frowning: is there another way we can talk privately?

I can help you with it! Right now I play at betbright casino. It’s much fun there.

I’ll get back to you because the other person disappeared kinda lol. U can dm me on my new ig account stories_by_jordan. Thank you

If It’s needed I can help, but it’s alright if you don’t need help anymore. Ahaha. Amazing idea though! :smiley:

Hi there, I a co author
Contact me at