I need a co-writer!


Hi there! I made (and am continuing) to make my story. I have a lot of ideas already but I feel like it’s not enough and doesn’t come together enough. If you can help, just tell me and I’ll pm oh and explain my whooooooole concept.


Meeee flaps hand


Alright! I’ll pm you!


I’d love to help! However, before I fully commit, is it possible for me to decide after you share some information about the story? Also, I’d be open to the three of us working on it if that’s all right with Kalizzza and what you want.


Sure! Just don’t share it too much to where people spoil it and won’t read it because it they know what’s gonna happen. I’ll take in as many ideas as I can! I’ll add you to our chat!


I won’t share anything. Regardless of whether I end up working with y’all or not. I understand not wanting your story to be spoiled, especially if it’s a really unique/creative idea.


Hey, I’m actually looking for some people to write with, so I’d love to hear your idea. Though like someone said above, I would like to hear the basic plotline of it so I can decide whether or not it would be something I’d invest in! :slight_smile: (You can private message me if you don’t want to give anything away.)


I’ll add you to the chat!


I would love to help you with your story and I would fully commit to it once I know what it’s about :blush:


Pm me!:heart: