I need a code choice option

Hey guys, I’m in need in help for a code choice game.
So in my story “Beneath The Tides: A Tale of Immortality & Love” there’s a bonus episode.
Where the reader will choose a choice of who’s epilogue stories they’d like to read. And after they chose that choice they’ll go back to the main menu, but won’t be able to access the choice anymore because they chose it already so the choice is now locked.

An example to this who don’t understand

Let’s say you want to read about the main character’s mother Imani’s life before royalty.

You read the story but as you go to the main menu to choose another choice of stories, the one you previously chose is locked because you’ve already read the story so you have to choose another until all of them are locked and the story is now 100% completed.

Anyone who could do this it’ll be much appreciated, if you’re willing to do it for me for free that’ll be even more awesome, but if not I’m willing to pay $20 to those who do it correctly.

Hi, I would say go with character points (guide):

The Points System | Dara Amarie (dara-amarie.com)

Make them gain a point when they play the specific story. Then, when they choose to play through that path again, it is locked, since they already played it.

If there is say, 4 stories they have to play through, as well as a “done reading stories” button, which can only be accessed if they all play all 4 paths, all you need to do is code the points into the “done reading stories” choice.

More information about points is in the guide. But if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :heart:

(I would go into more detail but I’m at work lol)

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After work maybe you’ll tell me more, but thank you :grin: :pray:t5:

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