I need a coder/co-writer/helper

Röschen (episodeinteractive.com)
I have no idea how to code, the basic idea is about anti-hero protagonist Clara and the mystery about her German “cousin” Röschen (Rose), and I need tips for coding. I just started yesterday and I need someone to clean it up and help me. I am free from 10:00-10:30 3:30 (UTC) and so on.

I can try and help you a bit if you want

Really? Thx so much btw I edited the post to show when I am free

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No problem! Would you like to private message me and I can try help you?

Sure and thanks you are an angel!

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I would watch videos if you are struggling to grasp the coding.

Good youtubers to watch -

Episode notes, Joseph Evan’s, Bronte

Guides help in non video form -

Dara Amarie

Helpers in the community on forums -

Farah_DeSantis and Rachelonepisode

Thanks for that, I really appreciate your suggestions!! :smiley:

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