I need a coder for my story!

I am currently writing a story called “A.W.O.L”

It is an overall good story and stuff but my coding is… welp it’s pretty much Shit! If anyone would be willing to do some coding for me, I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

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hi there! if you still need help you can dm me or message me on google chats (irissepisode@gmail.com)

Hi, practice coding-watch a few tutorials-Joseph Evans’, check out the guides, @ Dara.Amarie is also an amazing person who provides tons of helpful stuff from cc templates to directing help. @ Apes is also an amazing wonderful person you can check out <3 There are many people on this forum who will help you out!
Give it a try and if you’re stuck on something, don’t hesitate to ask.
We all start from scratch, and our coding isn’t that great-but with practice, we can become better.
No one starts off good at coding, we learn.
What we learned, we put to practice.

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Joseph Evans’ tutorials

Helpful directing from dara.amarie.ep

Helpful directing from a.p.episode

Has helpful links in bio

is an amazing link

And you can find the guides next to art catalog and my stories, located at the top of writer’s portal-go through it!

You can do it, good luck :black_heart:


all of this is really going to help! Thank you so much!!!

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