I need a coder to help with my story

Hey, so I’m currently finishing up my latest story the Silver Legacy: The Wolves’ Princess. I will be starting the 3rd and final instalment in the silver legacy series soon. The problem is that for my last 2 stories I have included barely any choices or high quality coding because it’s really not my speciality. My coding is very basic, I am more focused on the storytelling aspect of my story.
I am looking for a partner who can come up with fun coding related things for me to include in my 3rd story (minigames, overlays, intros, outros, etc.)
So if there are any of you that enjoy coding and are passionate about it and would like to help me please reply below.

If any of you are interested I will send you the plan for each episode and you can come up with any minigames or script ideas for me to include, you will have complete creative freedom as long as any of your ideas don’t interfere with the planned plot.
Warning, I write this story with 2 other people meaning that we work very quickly and aim to complete an episode a week so please only reply if you are suited to a fast paced work style and will be able to commit to us.

Of course if you do contribute you will be credited in every episode of the story and I will also offer a shoutout on my instagram. I also used to own an art shop on here which I closed a long time ago, however, I would be willing to open my art requests back up in return for your efforts in helping my story.

Thank you very much :heart: