I Need A Computer Overlay!


So hiiii! I’m looking for a computer overlay, it’s to go on top of a desk btw, I already have the desk tho, I JUST NEED THE COMPUTER ITSELF. IT’S URGENT secretaryov It is or the desk above :arrow_up: :arrow_up:


ok I can find one for you


give me a second I saw some for some where


OK :grinning:



you can add stuff on the screen… :frowning:


Hold up! I only need the computer tho, because I already have the desk…


Do you have one that is the back of the computer…?



do u want “Episode” on it?


Well no but if it’s the only one then sure it’s fine!


@linalilly10 wanna add the episode logo on the back


Yeah sure




That looks great.


Agree could you help me @linalilly10


I’m stealing this overlay lol.
I will credit you no worries!




hi,sorry to bother you, but do you have a png of this? The black background is still there when i upload it. Sorry if this is a stupid question (I’ll credit u ofc)


Maliyah, If you still have this overlay, can you send me it? I just saw lina got suspended and I can’t find another overlay. The background isn’t transparent so I can’t upload it. Hope that’s fine :heart: :heart: