I need a constructive criticism for my first story! 😁


Hello everyone, since the month of April I started with the development of my story. At the moment the only constructive criticism I’ve received has been from my cousin, but I would like to receive the point of view of other people who are inside the world of Episode.

Rewinded life is very important to me, because certain parts are based on my real life. I hope you give it a try and like it. Thanks for taking the time for read it.

By the way, my main language is Spanish. Even so I have insisted that the grammar be good and understandable.

Story Name: Rewinded life.

Author Name: Lia Lopez.

What would you do if a galactic being gives you the power to go back and change situations that escapes from your hands?

Genre: Comedy, romance, life.

Story style: Limelight.

Completion status:
5 episodes. (Working on chapter 6.)(More episodes coming.)

My instagram: lia_lopez_episode


Cover: Pending review.


I read it


Thank you linalilly10! :grin:


It looks like a nice story… i will definitely give it a read and give you my feedback…


Thank you Shona4b! :smile:


:hugs: Thanks to all that read my story!


Someone else? :smile: