I need a costume poses maker please

This the pose that I want

images - 2020-09-17T172939.359

The male character details

Body:Male athletic body (Neutral 03)

Brow:Straight medium scar (Black dark)

Hair:Stlicked back solid (Black dark)

Eyes:Deepset downturned (Brown pale)

Face:Chiseled square stubble shaved

Nose:Straight pointed

Lips:Medium heart (Beige rose)


The female character details

Body:Female athletic body (Copper 02)

Brow:Arched natural scar (Chestnut brown)

Hair:Wavy long (Red purple)

Eyes:Deepset downturned (Green emerlad)


Nose:Defined natural

Lips:Full round pouty (Red deep matte)


(of course I will credit you)


Hello! I might be able to help you! But do you know any legs that look similar to the ones you want?

Is that what you mean?

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Can anyone help please ?

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@Lin.Steeles, u can request on her art shop, and I think @Danielle318 is helping u currently. :wink:




I just need to figure out what animations the tips would be then I can edit them all together.

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Could I get their whole bodies as idle as well?

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Is this good for you?

Yeah it’s so beautiful :heart::heart: but where is his ankle?

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His ankles are under his butt because that’s what you gave me for the bottom half, but I could change it if needed.

Updated version(fixed some holes):

If you can do it okay if you can’t that’s okay :blue_heart: Thank you so much for your help :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Of course!

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Is this better? I don’t like the front leg though.

I can clean up the thigh edge if you like that version better.

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It’s beautiful too :purple_heart: just his leg is a bit thin but it is okay :heart: clean the thigh edge if you can :blue_heart::blue_heart: I don’t know how to Thank you :heart: and I want to know how do I credit you?

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I’ll clean it up for you then! You can just credit me by my forum name. :wink:

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