I need a couple of Overlays for my new story

I’m working on a new story I need a couple of overlays for my new story

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what kind of overlays? be specific so persons will know how to help.

Overlays that say confident 1 -1


I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand
Do you need text overlays?


Oh okay!
Feel free to request them at my shop!
Link in bio

Hi! I could help, I just need some more specifics.

What -exactly- do you want your overlays to say?

And when do you need them by? I could get them done by tomorrow morning.

I want some overlays text I want them to say Confident, smartness, 1 and -1

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Got it. I can have a few ready but tomorrow!

One more thing, what colors/fonts do you want?

Like a glitter blue and the font doesn’t matter

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Okay cool I’ll have it done in the next hour!

Here you go! :upside_down_face:

Thank you!!!

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ofc! please give credit to my instagram liv.writes_

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