I need a couple things.. if anyone doesn't mind helping?

Things I need…

  • backgrounds
  • overlays
    And if you could list their instagram if they have a link to their drive.

Can you be more specific with background question?

school backgrounds, honestly anything to i can save them and see what i can used through out my story (:slight_smile:

So your wondering how to set up a background? simply go to “Art & Catalog”, right next to “My Stories”, make sure to open a new tab, and look at some backgrounds, find one you like, copy the name of the background, and then go back to your script and paste the name of the background

No, im looking for new backgrounds that other people have created.

Check @amepisode for backgrounds and overlays.


Thank you my love :hugs:


np! :heavy_heart_exclamation::grin::100::raised_hands:


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