I need a cover art drawn

Hello all, can somebody make a cover art drawn somebody who is actually good at it? I will for sure credit you. PM me.

Limelight or Ink?


Can I get the details?


Um yes but it’s kinda difficult what I want. I want it to be half boy half girl the face and kinda the body.

oh i really like the one with gray color of the cover with the title " don’t speak".

Yeah can do but I’m really struggling with your description :sweat:

So um do you need to know more details or want to keep searching?

More details please

okay um i ll post a photo and tell you more

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i want it like this but a half boy and a half girl hqdefault%20(1)

sorry for the image lmao but i couldn’t find anything else
and for the boy and girl want their look in episode?

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i mean the image of them?

Oh yeah I’ll need that too

okay here and sorry it took so long

Can I have your author name and cover title and preferred background?

@Elenna I finished the art but, now I need to do the cover part.

Oh yeah sure title of the story is: Trustless author of it is: Elenna Spitfire and the background to be something like digital bcs it’s about their relationship over the internet i mean something with thecnology or something with digital messages. Hope you understand what i mean something with blue . If you need more details i can tell you.

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Any background you want?

Yeah i edited that part :sweat_smile: