I need a cover art for my new story!


I need a cover art for my new story!!! Please don’t ignore me its important for me! !!!


I would love to help you…


Thank you so much! I’m really glad to answer me! Can I send you my details of my characters ?


Yes please… or a screenshot of them in the pose you would like… or details is goo too… lol


Can you please send me your instagram? I think I can to it from there more easily. And I want to see your style too!




All my examples are on my insta… I just started dthis style the other day



Thank you so mush! I will send you the screenshots here!


That’s perfectly fine!!! :grin:


I send you the details!


I will be on there in a few mins


thank you again :’)


No problem… thank you fOr letting me


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Actually I search for someone to make a cover for me because I can’t create one I want to !