I need a cover artist (FREE) -B.lynn

I know this is random but my current story cover is a placeholder and I’d like to change it (credits will be given throughout the story and even on my socials) If you do free episode covers just reply to this or message me, thanks!

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Go to Animal Lover Art Shop!

You need to add more detail:
Drawn or edited?
How many characters?

If you want drawn, chances are you’ll have to pay commission. Most free artists have long waiting lists.

There are plenty of talented artists who can do it for free (our art shop is completely free)

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Oh, okay, how do i order? x

I :cat: Animal Lover Art Shop (OPEN!) :dog2: - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)

If you go here there is a list of forms and you just fill out the right one for what you are requesting. Which is a cover!

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Thank you so much! x