I Need A Cover Artist Someone Please Help!

I’ve been playing episode since 2016, I’m in love with the app. It’s the only thing that gets me out of reality. And into the worlds the amazing authors create. For over a year now I’ve had my own story idea. It’s all planned out, and I’m finally writing it down! I’ve learned, to do all the advanced directing. Creating my own overlays, ect. But the one thing I haven’t gotten a hang on is, the art. So can someone please help, me out? :pleading_face:


:thinking: I can try to help it depends on the cover :blush:

Thankyou so much :pleading_face:, can you talk to me on snapchat, Facebook or insta? So I can discuss my ideas. :heartpulse:

I do realistic art commisions if you are interested :heart:

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Thank you, this means so much :pleading_face: Can I speak to you on insta, to discuss this? :heart:

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Great! Yeah sure! My insta is Zoe.x_art

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