I need a cover, but I have no idea what I want

Hi, I’m looking for some help creating a cover, but I have no idea what I want.

I’d be happy to create one for you! I just need your story name, and main character(s). :slight_smile:

Okay! Do I just give you the character info? I have no idea what kind of poses or what at all I want lol

Yes. And if you’d like, I could pick the poses for you. Also, what genre is it so I can get an idea on what poses I’d be putting?

okay its a romance/mystery/action i guess lol. I only want three characters on the cover, and to give you more of a feel of the story without too telling too much of the story, it’s about a girl finding out her baby daddy is a gangster and her and their child is in danger. The title is “The Prick Of A Rose Thorn”

Alright, thank you. Do you have any idea on what background there should be? Possibly like a scary background, etc?

I guess I’d like something with like a mysterious vibe to it

Okay. I’ll let you know when I have the cover for you! :slight_smile:

The first character is female
skin color: Rose 03
Eyebrows: Arched thick styled
Eyes:Deepest downturned/ blue deep
Face:Round soft
Nose:Defined natural
Lips:Full round pouty
Hair:Short wavy ombre/Black jet

The eyebrows are black, and the lip color is a red matted color

And her outfit and name?

Her name is Laken, and you can put her in any kind of outfit. Something edgy.

The next is Damiean, male
Skin:Copper 02
Eyebrows: Straight medium/dark brown
Hair: Slicked back solid/chestnut brown
Eyes:Deepest downturned/Hazel dark
Face:Diamond defined
Nose:Hooked grecian
Lips:Medium heart/pink peach medium matte

Wait. Is your story in LL or Ink?


the last character is Riley, female, she is 9 so if you can make her smaller compared to the others. and if it helps decide her pose, she has only just met her father

Eyebrows:Arched thick high/deep brown
Hair:Straight medium/chestnut brown
Eyes:Deepest almond/blue deep
Face:Heart defined
Nose:Grecian soft
Mouth:full round pouty/beige rose

Girly I’m sorry to break it to you but I only do Ink styled stuff. :thinking:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

lol it’s okay! i should’ve told you first thank you though!!

No problem! I hope you get the help that you need soon. <3

I also suggest you change your topic name to a “Limelight Cover Request” or something like that haha, therefore it will be more likely for people to search that up or view it more professionally. :slight_smile: <3

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