I need a Cover Creator! [ Solved ]

Hey there, I’m in need of some help in creating a cover… The images i’m giving will show how i want it to be planned, and set out… But i want it to be done in Photoshop, To fit the episode a bit more… I’ll be highly appreciative if someone can help.

Message me if you are up to the task, I am asking for a few things… Which are character placement and such, I will give you the images, and the plan for it. Just message me or i’ll message them to you. Thank you!


Dm me :slight_smile:

Sure thing.

I can create a cover just you need to add in your cover

Thanks for willing to, help but someone has come to me already! Sorry! :grinning::grinning:

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Can you help me

I’m fairly new to coding and this website, But what is it you need?

How to publish the episodes after writing and how to edit cover

Uhm one second if you don’t mind, and i’ll show ya what to do, By what i know.

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Please show

One question, You’re using the Episode Write Portal which is www.episodeinteractive.com/write/story
or are you using mobile?

Yeah I am using mobile

Okay so, Let me upload the photo’s from my phone to my laptop, Will be back in a sec

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So firstly:

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Open it

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Press play

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Following that:

Press that button

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And then finally:

Fill out the information of the Episode, And then press ‘Share This Story’
And then walah!

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Share the story didn’t give options to share it on episode