I need a Cover Creator! [ Solved ]

Really? Hmm

Oh i see…

Well thank you peter

I tried, Sorry i couldn’t help!

No you did your best it’s alright no problem did you ever published a story between

No i just had pressumed it happened like that, Sorry again… Anywho i’ve gotta sort some things out for my Episode’s, ENjoy you’re night or day wherever you are xD.

I cannot find this out if you could it will help both of us


So you want me to test it? I’m gathering?

I actually don’t know where we can get this site a friend of mine helped me but I can’t find it out that’s what the problem is

Like do you not know the site, that it’s showing? or something or where it leads to?

You got me I don’t know the site

Like the site that person’s on at that moment in the picture?

I can if you haven’t found anyone

You’re talking about the Cover right? Cause i messaged someone on this site, and they havent responded… xD

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I guess

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Sure what’s the details

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Thank you

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Here i’ll give you the images & the plan i was picturing:


And to make the Hearts and/or dots (You’re choice for either) Prehaps the colours of Pink, Purple, Light blue so on, so on…

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