I need a cover creator to help me out!


Hello! I need a cover artist for my story Exhilarate! If anybody could help me out at all please tell me, I would like something bad-ass. If I choose you and you need more information ask me and I will tell you the details. The description I have for my story is: Israel ran from her foster home at 5 years old. Along the way she meets Axel and he teaches her about guns, knives, fighting, and robbing. Will she fall for him?


Also, I wouldn’t mind a writing partner so check out my other post.


I would like to help you


I love that you are willing to help me!


Here I see my latest example… if you want to see more you can check out my insta



Wow, you are great at this!




Of course. Would you like to create the cover if you do not mind?


I would love to


Thanks! Do you need more information??


I’ll pm you…


Hello i can help you with that i know an amazing person that can make you one i can show you it if you message me back.


She hasn’t been on…


Oh well.


So so sorry everybody…I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday morning!


aww hope u fill better




I can help you if you want :blush:


Hello, I can help u out if you want


can i see examples