I need a cover drawn pleaseeeeee

Hey so i want to write a second story called “Until the Death” i have really crazy plans with it
:crazy_face::two_hearts:and it’s not published or anything yet. But i want to have a cover for it, if anyone would do it i would be for sure really greatful :heart:
I will credit for sure, and it should be free please :sweat_smile::heart:.

Here are the details::llama:

Name: Kyra


Name: Lucius

These are the outfits that i want to be on the cover
(But the girl can wear a dress too if its easyer for you or something)


It should say: Until the Death

POSE: :two_hearts:

The Boy should hold a gun on her belly and bit his lips,and wink. on the boys lips is a little bit blood.

The Girl should hold a gun at the boys chin and smirk too but she should look a bit angry, and the girl is grabing with the other hand the shirt of the boy it’s supposed to look like she’s pulling him to her, if possible :hear_no_evil::purple_heart:

It should be please be like this style :hugs:

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH !!! :heart::heart:
I’m really thankful for it :star_struck::star_struck::purple_heart::purple_heart: :llama:
Thank you again for taking your time to do it, i’m really thankful for it :heart::heart:

If you could do it PLEASE PM me :kissing_heart::hugs: thank you :purple_heart:

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Maybe they can help you: Zombie Arts - Art Shop: We make free covers, art scenes etc

:sparkling_heart: LunaLillies Art Shop! [OPEN] We Do Free Art Scenes, Edits Etc

SnowFlake’s Art Shop [OPEN]

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Thank you for this :heart: but these are not what i’m really looking for it :sneezing_face::confused: but there art is really Awesome :heart_eyes::purple_heart:!!

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These maybe?

Do you need a cover? We’ll help you!

Doing covers fast and free

CelestialMoon‘s Art Shop (Requests Open; Comissions still in planing)

Haha ok I’ll stop bothering you after this post

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I am also not drawing covers. I edit them

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Ok today I’m not normal. I’ll stop bothering you @line123462.


Thank you very much for your help :kissing_heart::heart:and you don’t bother ofc :hugs::purple_heart:


Hey could you please close this @Jeremy or @Sydney_H i found someone amazing who did a cover for me :blush::purple_heart:


wait sksk who made your coverr?


@Erika_R :heart_eyes: her Art is just BREATHTAKING :star_struck::exploding_head::exploding_head: if you search for a artist, you should really go to her i totally recomend her :heart:

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thanks for letting me knoww ! <3

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