I need a cover/edit/splash

Hey. I need a cover/edit/splash for my story. If you want to now how it goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E52rxz2sjRs So if anyone is interested in this comment here or message me.

Title: The Willow Maiden

Character 1:


  • Features:
    Skin: Light
    Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
    Eyes: Upturned Feline
    Eye color: Emerald green
    Face Shape: Oval
    Hair: Beach Wave Hair
    Hair color: Auburn/Red
    Nose: Upturned
    Mouth: Classic
    Mouth color: Blush

  • Clothes:
    Hippie Skirt (White)
    Green Forest Fairy Dress
    Simple Leather Choker

Character 2:


  • Features:
    Skin: Tan
    Eyebrows: Narrow/Thin Arch
    Eyes: Sarcastic/Stoic Almond
    Eye color: Blue
    Face Shape: Diamond
    Hair: Short Cropped Hair
    Hair color: Black
    Nose: Button
    Mouth: Uneven
    Mouth color: Terracotta

  • Clothes:
    Formal Vest (Cabernet)
    Dantes Pants
    Pirate Shirt Red and White
    Prince Boots

Animations/Positions and Background:

  • Character 1 would be sitting on a tree while Character 2 is hiding behind a tree and looking at her
    +It’s in a forest where is a huge willow, (it doesn’t have to be willow) tree
  • Do it how you like to BUT there must be a big tree in the background


  • There must be written ‘‘The Willow Maiden’’
  • Character 1’s hair should be long, and if you choose to make it longer than it is you can also change her hairstyle.

But before accepting this I hope I can see an example of your work.

Sorry for:

  • Bad English
  • If this is in wrong category

Check out happy helper group. They have done a cover and splash for me and both were amazing.

Alright, will do.