I need a cover for a new story! (Ink)

I want to start a new story but i don’t have a cover for a beginning of a story or the warnings or
the large and small cover for my story. I need somebody’s help in it because I am not an artist and when it comes to covers…yeah…I’m not good at it and i really need one artist! Could someone do that for me?If you can do it then please reply my text and I’ll tell you the details of them story name,genre,contend and so on…)It would be really,really,really great!!! :grin::hugs:

I could try to help you with teh cover but I have ever only done like two covers in my life

If you want to make it for me it would be very nice of you! :blush:
But don’t force yourself if you’re not sure…i would totally understand :no_mouth:

I can try just pm/dm me the detail like what background you want I to use
You character(s) detail taht you want in your background?
and a small summary so I can get an idea of what the stry is about so I can do teh background to fit the story plot/storyline

I’ll dm you but I have to think how the covers could look like…so when I thought about it I’ll m you.
Thank you for your help!!!


Hey! I could help you too if you want, I have an art shop where you can see my art work as I’m on a phone and I can’t send them directly here lmao. :heart:
It’s called Cookies art shop

It would be amazing ! :smile::heart:
If you want to do that, i’ll tell you the details you need! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Cool! Hit me with the details sis! :joy::heart::ok_hand:t4:

Alright :joy::joy::heart: :



story title: Loving my boss
story style: INK

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Could I have them in the poses you want them to be in?

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HOllO! Idk how you want your characters so im just going to do it in a cute position x Xd

Sure I‘ll tell you which position they should have

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Thank you!

No problem just wait :blush:

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Ok the male character should stay in position left and he should be thinking and the female character should stay in position right and she’s sad (can you make her smaller than him?it’d be great haha :joy::slight_smile:)And can you choose a sad background? That would be great too!

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And she shouldn’t look at him.She should faces right and he should faces right too.

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Okay! :joy: I’ll do two, I’ll make one without an episode pose, so a more realistic one and the one you would like​:heart::heart:

Then, you can choose which one you like best

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