I Need a cover for a story, can anyone help?

I’m starting a new story for episode, and it is my first one so It’s taking a bit, But I wanna know where everyone gets their covers from, I see all those really good ones and I can’t make it, I was wondering if maybe a I could have a bit of help…the titles gonna be Protect Her

I could help. It depends on what you want though. Send me the details :blush:

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The title is Protect her…

Ok. What about the characters & background?

The background would be the outside of a school and there’s two Main characters, how would you like me to explain them? Pictures?

Yes please

Here ya go! Thanks for You’re help! image

There’s one moreimage

You welcome. Any animations you want them to do?

Nothing in particular, Anything that goes with the title is fine

Well ok. It should be done by tomorrow or in the next few days

Okay, Thank you so much

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Here’s your cover!

Thank You!

You welcome! If you need anything changed, be sure to tell me!