I need a cover for a story i am making

female character:
skin tone: tan eyebrows: seductive arch hair:beach wave (platinum blond)
eyes:upturned feline(taupe) face:oval lips:full round (terracotta) nose:upturned

male character
face: define triangle nose:button skin tone:caramel eyebrows: thin arch lips: uneven (terracotta) eyes:toxic almond (white) hair:short cropped (charcoal)

link to the pose i want:

images (1)

male taller than the female
male arm rest on female
female looks mad, looks up at male , male looks down at female smiling

female outfit

male outfit

background: it does not matter , just surprise me! blur the background a bit, (if it looks right)

if anyone could do this for me, i don’t rush but i need it done asap

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Hey! Here is a list of open art shops you can request at!

List Of Open Art Shops!

Just remember to give details and no thread hopping!

Hey…I could do it…but since there are custom poses in the cover, It could take about a week. Does that work with you…?

yeah that would be great
take your time

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Can you do this outfit for the female instead of the other one?

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The story name is toxic:the day i’m gone if you need it

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thanks so much!!

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hey when do you think it will be done (i’m in no rush i just wanna know)

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I think by Monday for sure.

ok that’s fine

Another question…would you like the cover to be small or large?

640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall

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how are you doing on the edit so far

It’s almost done. I’ll send it to you soon.

Your cover’s done but I just needed to know if you’d like any text on it? like the title, author etc.

        Toxic: the day im gone

And if you want to credit you put your name on it

Is it done yet

Here you go…

With text

Without text

**Please do not steal and don’t use if you aren’t @Noone_epi or @Freya001.episode