I NEED A COVER for free

I need a cover with one person standing with a basketball.


MIA (on the right/only character on the screen)

Female Generic body
Gold 4

Eyebrows-arched thin-Black dark
Beach wave hair- Black Dark
Eyes-female generic-violet
Nose-grecian soft
Lips-full heart pouty- plum gloss
ANYONE. Please. :frowning_face:


I could try, if you’d be interested!

Ofc, Im intrested.
Btw the story is called Broken Pieces by Avery C.

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Okay, tommorow I should have it done!

Thank you sooooo much.
I’ll be sure to credit you.
Is there an IG acc that you use that I could credit to?

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Just credit me as Koikoi, I am called the same way in the app.



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What do you think? I can remake it, if you wish.

There are some artist here too


I am not trying to be rude, but I do not need your help anymore @Koikoi.
Sorry :frowning_face:

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No problem at all!