I need a cover for my first story

using this background

and this character:
Body neutral 04
brow arched thin high
dark brown hair flip
Round Downturned Wide green eyes emerald
triangle defined
round button upturned
full round pouty beige gold matte

The story is about a young woman that had everything planned out, but when her long time boyfriend moves away, she suddenly has to figure who she is without him, and who and what she wants in life. So multiple love interest, friendship love lust and so on.

The story tagline is called
Life is what happens…
When you’re busy making other plans…

The story is called Life happens.

Would anyone like to suggest a cover??

Other background could be ok to.

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Hey I can help you!

Maybe I can help If you want :blush:

But for that could you give me the male characters deets and i’ll see what i come up with

Lips medium straight beige gold matte

Nose button wide

Body neutral 03

Hair light brown wavy messy

Eyes oval wide deep blue

Face male generic

Brow straight medium light brown

Body copper 02

Brow straight medium chestnut brown

Hair short shaggy chestnut brown

Eyes oval wide deep blue

Square jaw

Nose male generic

Lips full heart natural fair neutral matte

Hair dirty blonde, short messy curls

Nose male generic

Eyes deepest downturned black/brown

Body neutral 04

Lips medium straight natural beige rose

Brow arced medium light brown

Face triangle chiseled

Nose male generic

Body gold 07

Brow medium arched black

Hair slicked back solid black dark

Eyes male generic green emerald

Face male generic

Lips medium straight natural rose medium nude matte

  1. The ex? Eyes deepest downturned dark hazel, body neutral 03, brow straight medium dark brown, hair generic short dark brown, face diamond soft, nose button wide, lips medium straight natural, beige gold matte

I would love to see what you can do :slight_smile:

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I’ll send it to you as soon as it’s ready!!