I need a cover for my new book

I am a new writer and was wondering if anyone could help me with a book cover it would be appreciated if you could help thank you,


I can help!

I’m taking commissions :grin:

Thank you ! Whats your price range we don’t have a loot of money

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I take commissions as well :slight_smile:

Audrees art shop

My prices are in the shop :))

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No money needed! I do mine free!

Ok great! email me cjepisodes123@gmail.com

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Would we be able to talk on here…?

Oh yeah definitely, I’m looking for the cover to have the main character in the middle, best friend on the right, and love interest on the left. With a cruise ship at a dock in the background. I can put screenshots of each character on here and a picture of the cruise ship I’d like to use. Does that sound like something you can do?

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Yup! Do you want drawn or edited?

What do you mean by edited?

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Something like my profile pic, in instead of drawing them out manually, I would use the actual episode characters to create a custom pose!