I need a cover for my new story! asap

Hello! I want a cover for my new story asap!
It’s for LL! <3

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Try checking out my art shop: Merr's art shop🦋 [OPEN&FREE]

Hey I saw your work! It’s very good! But all your covers are like “anime” or you doing and something like digital art? <3

Can you give me an example?

Something like this and a little more good

Uh? Maybe.

If you can’t it’s okay! I appreciate that you reply me!
And if you want someone who can do digital art, you can tell me to know it…

If you’re looking for a realism artist, most people charge commissions for that kind of work. Have you tried asking around on Instagram? Some editors might also be happy to help you, but their art style might not be what you’re looking for.

I know and that is the reason I search it very much, because I want something good

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One artist I know has her commissions open on instagram, her name is @saekilin.

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Thank you very much for the info <3

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Hey I do realistic art like you want and my commisions are open if you are still interested! I can pm you examples if you’d like :heart:

Hey! Yeah sent me your examples please <3

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Sent <3

Hi @Theodora21 I also do semi realism and my commissions are currently open.You can check my art examples on my Instagram below:

If interested my commission info is available in my Instagram story highlights

Thank you very much I will check it!

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I can do a free edited version if you would like! Something like this,

But with your characters and such!

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Thank you for reply but I want something like digital art

Yeah, no problem!

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