I need a cover for my new story


So hi!
I need a cover for my new story.I need a good cover that would make people click on story.
-Send me a sample of your art so I can see It.


Episode-Gold would love to help you!


I can help you :two_hearts::two_hearts:



Send me a message


I can’t see rules?


Sorry, you have to go to the thread



Hi i need a cover art and a art piece for one of my scences can anyone help me?


I am a part of this group too, we all have different art styles so you can choose which one you like best.


i need a cover for my story and a car overlay if anyone could help, please?


I would love to help you @nijah1043


I can help!


I can’t see any of the examples?


You need to open the link


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yeah i did it still didn’t show me anything


If you click on the link and go to examples and click on that it’ll open and then you can look through everyone’s examples by clicking on their name.




Yes, I copy and pasted the link, it didn’t open a webpage or anything. I literally googled a link.