I need a cover for my story! (for free if you can i don't have money)

Hi guys I need a cover for my brand new story! I have included the details of each character and what outfit I would like them to wear as well as details about what I want the cover to look like! Please let me know if you can do it!

Main character:

Name: Jess

Animation Style: Limelight

Skin: Rose 04

Brows: Arched natural scar (dark black)

Hair: Long down wavy princess braid (dark black)

Eyes: Female Generic (ice blue)

Face: Diamond defined contour

Nose: Defined Natural

Lips: Full round pouty (pink peach)

Tattoos: Skull and rose arm tattoo, sound waves tattoo, snake and rose tattoo ink multicolor

Other: Nose stud silver

Clothes: Off shoulder boho mid sleeve shirt cotton grey white, ruffled tiered skirt cotton blue oxford, chunky sneakers leather white, strapped accented watch face blue navy, collard heart necklace metal silver

Love Interest:

Name: Liam

Animation style: Limelight

Skin: Rose 04

Brows: Straight medium scar (dark black)

Hair: Medium taper wavy (dark black)

Eyes: Deepest Downturned lidded (ice blue)

Face: Chiseled angular stubbled

Nose: Straight Pointed

Lips: full heart natural (fair neutral matte)

Tattoos: Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Other: Scar cheek X (00-03)

Clothes: Muscle tank cotton grey white, open flannel open rolled sleeves cotton red cherry, chain accessories ripped jeans denim black, chunky sneakers leather black, large studs plastic grey black, cuff metal accent bracelet red rose, long chain rectangle pendant metal silver

Author: epi.rachel (there are underscores before and after)


I would really like a cover, the genre is romance/drama. I would really like for the background to be EXT. ST JEZEBEL ISLAND BEACH - SUNSET. I need it done for free because I’m broke and also don’t have a job so I don’t have money sorry. The story’s name is The Curse of Love and for the lettering, I would prefer cursive of some sort but as for size, I don’t mind whatever you choose. I would also like for the two characters to be kissing/hugging/holding hands whichever is easiest for you! I’ve included the clothes I would like them to wear at the end of each of the character details. If you need any screenshots of anything I’m talking about please let me know! My Instagram is @epi.rachel (there are underscores before and after) if you need to DM me about anything!

Also I know it’s a lot to ask but if it’s possible can someone make a pfp? If you can’t it’s totally fine!

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Edited or Drawn? @_epi.rachel_16

Either one depending on what you’re most comfortable with personally i would prefer drawn but i’m totally okay with what you can do!

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Alright. I mainly do edited but depending on the pose I might be able to do drawn.


so for both of them the left is the outfit i would like them in, if you can, and the right is the pose

That’s the background I would like, the story name is The Curse of Love by epi.rachel (with underscores before and after the name) :smiley:

Closed as per op request :smiley: