I need a cover for my story free for Limelight

Hi, I need an updated small and larger cover for a story I been working on.

If you are interested in working with me I will tell you the details.

Thank you! :heart:


Edited or drawn?

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Edited or drawn?
How many characters?
When do you need it by?

I can help u in the cover please share the details

You can see in my art shop

Line’s Free Artshop - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)

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Kind of both I can show an example.

Kind of both.
2 characters.
In a week or 2.



These are the covers that I have currently. I want it more like a limelight professional style vibe if you know what I mean lol

They are gorgeous why would you wanna replace them?, also really doubt you find better there is free

I write my stories in seasons. The covers I have rn is season 1 and I want to have season 2 and so on. Yeah I know its pricey lol


Try @Raitlyn, off the top of my head, she’s the only one I know that does limelight drawn and is available right now.

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Maybe I could help you.
Here some examples of my work:

(Please, do not use them)

This one is still in progress:

(This is an cover I’m working on)

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