I need a cover for my story (free)


I am looking for a free cover artist that can help me with my story.
I am all done coding and I need a cover before I can release it !!!

I will send the information how I want it to be once I get the artist !!

Please help me lol

I am on Instagram most of the time @shiv.episode !! :sunglasses:

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If you want edited cover. You can have a look at my examples then fill the form if you like any :point_down: I will be happy to help.

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m really bored and if you need a edited or drawn cover I’ll be happy to help you… I can start now as well. If you haven’t already chose someone

Are you good with drawing side profiles of characters?

When you say side profile you mean like turned all the way on the side or how the characters normally side animation is


like something like that ish


Yeah but it’ll be like that realistic

PM the details when your ready k

It can be like your style but idm I’ll send it like in a few I just need to finish up some homework

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hey could you maybe also do mine? for my new story