I need a cover for my story (INK)

Hi. Does anyone know or have any free art shops? I need a cover for my story (INK). I will respond to the one I like most. Drawn or edited is good. Much help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey! I’ve got an shop!

Here’s the link:

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Hi, I could try!



I could try! Tho I don’t have examples

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Is it a one character cover?

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Originally, I was thinking two person, but one can be good for the small cover (Book cover)!

Alright well, I suggest to go take a look at this thread! It is my thread and I am taking one request, however you must describe the pose and maybe provide a reference if you’d like. The more descriptive you are the higher chance you get at being chosen. But read the thread for for more information! :two_hearts:

Thank you! I already did earlier :blush:. But I need to change it lol. Give me a few.

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Ohh yeah I see that you did, I’m going to be a bit honest. I don’t really understand it lol
If you find a reference or draw a stick figure then that’ll probably help!

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Sorry :sweat_smile:. I fixed it somewhat.

Alright. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I will be sending the info to some of you soon!

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