I need a cover for my story Lost Boy


Hi I’d appreciate if someone can cover for my story. I want him to be looking in a mirror looking sad and if you could add a reflection to the mirror. Can it say Lost Boy by: JordN?


I could try!


Really thank you!


I can if you’d like I have examples here.

If you’d like someone else to do it I recommend @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE or the @Episode-Creativity


Thank you, I will check them out.


May I see some examples, I would like to see yours so I will have an option.


Once you see her examples can you tell us who you want to do it?


Yes I can


Sure! Sorry I took so long


Your examples are great but I personally really like mya’s. I will go with her for now but if I need anything else’s I will go to you.


That is completely ok!


Ok thank you!


Also here is the boy!

If you’d like put cover by Mya.


Ok, I’ll put my watermark in the corner & It should be done by tomorrow . Also, what shoes is he wearing?


You can just add him waist up if you’d like whichever is easier.


Ok, I’ll do that!


Sorry I know you didn’t ask but I don’t have anything to do, but can I make you a pfp?


What’s a pfp?


It’s a Profile Picture


Sure do you have any examples?