I need a cover for my story please help if you can

I need help with my cover for my new story my dilemma if you can help please do :smiley:

INK girls details:
body : olive
brow: seductive arch
hair: beach wave hair-black
eyes: upturned feline-purple
face: oval
nose: elven
lips: full round-scarlet


background and pose: pose i dont really care as long as she looks tough and background is anything you want to use blurred

you can add any tattoos and piercings you want its relly just whatever you want to make her in the outfit and with the details given thank you and have fun :heart:

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Hey, you can request at my art shop, if you want to…:blush:

how do I do that?

Just click on the link.

Hello! Hopefully this thread helps!
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And remember when requesting no thread hopping!