I need a cover for my story (The Genie)


Hi! I have never done this before and feel horrible for asking others for things. But I wonder if there’s anyone who would like to make a cover for my story? I was thinking something in the style of to the current one:

I’m horrible at editing so I’m not very proud of this. If someone wants to, I would credit in story, on the large cover and also in the description. You may also come with other ideas.

Have a great day!


Send the deatils please and thats look amazing.


Thank you so much! :smiley: I would like something with a dark background, purple/pink smoke and a genie lamp. I would love to see something a bit different than the current and if it is to any help, here is the main character:

Skin: Tan Rose
Eyebrows: Black Dark, Arch Neutral
Hair: Black Dark, Long Straight Loose Solid
Eyes: Violet, Female Generic
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Beige Rose, Full Heart Pouty

I prefer when it isn’t just episode version of characters on covers. I prefer either art or very edited. I hope I’m not asking too much. Thank you if you wanna help! :slight_smile:


If @Wonderwoman1 is not able to make your cover feel free to ask me in case.


her account was hacked since your a member of the group you can do it.




Do you want her in that pose or a different one?
I can probably finish it in a a day since I do extra curricular activities.


Can I have a description of the story plz?


I needed something to do so I did this for you! It’s perfectly okay if you don’t use it, as I said I needed something to do and I’m fairly new to digital art. If you decide to use it but want anything changed let me know and I’ll change it. If used credit is @cakepie.episode. I hope you like it!


That’s so good! Thank you! I would love to use it, but could you make smoke come out of the lamp too? Other than that I think it’s perfect! :smiley: If it’s okay, I will then credit you in the description and at the end of the episodes?


Hi! Someone else did a cover, sorry. But I wonder if you wanna do a large cover? :slight_smile:


Do you mean make it come out of the lamp more than it already is? I can do that, just clarifying. :grinning:


Yes :slight_smile: Thank you for the help!


Good? If you still want more that’s no hassle.


You know what, I think it’s perfect! :smiley: Thank you so much for this! I will credit you in the description and at the end of episodes! :slight_smile:


Happy to help! Oh and by the way, no need to credit me in the description. At the end of the episodes is perfectly fine!


I’ll make sure I check out the story!


Thank you! :slight_smile: