I need a cover for my story!



I am writing a romance, drama and action story, which is called “13 Days”.
I’m in need of a small and large covers. So those who know how to make them please help!
Down here I’m placing the photos of the characters which might help you, if you need something more, please reply I’ll gladly give you more photos or backgrounds that you need!

If you’re editing on phone or an ipad then I suggest to use PicsArt for cutting out the characters!


We can do it. Tags @Doksanwrites @Brooke_Johnson @granolias


@silverstar @jassie12dw


I could do it! But I am working on something else right now!


OK j I’ll edit the characters for you.


https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/official-episode-diamonds-art-request-thread-new-and-improve-examples/41067/333 go here


@MadisonW @ForeverMagic112 @Unique_911 @aprill @dasha_author can you guys help out


@ematarut I am gonna make it right now!


@MadisonW @ForeverMagic112 @Unique_911 @aprill @dasha_author can you guys go on discord


I don’t want to be rude, but we already said we were gonna make it!



here is our recent work do you want it like that


I’d actually love to see multiple creations if that;s okay!


It’s very pretty! Well done!


@jassie12dw maybe one of us do small and the other do large what do you think


I DO LARGEeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Well, sorry, but I am not gonna participate in that, I think that is respectless!


It’s okay! You do you. :slight_smile:


I am actually okay with that! I prefer small covers so that is perfect!


Ok thx


Oh! Perfect then!