I need a cover for my upcoming story

But I want to make it by myself I need edit apps recommendation instead of PicsArt.

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ibis paint x :two_hearts:

Not drawing apps I can’t draw😂

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ahh well then I don’t know😅
but you can do custom poses as well

Hey! This my be helpful if making it yourself doesn’t work:The Complete List of Everything - Updated! {Art Shops, Reviewers + More!}
or you can ask artists what apps they use.

For my art i use procreate (you have to pay for it when you download it but i really recommend it to you cause it’s really simple to use and at the same time the results are really good)

If u want to make edits MediBang works great it’s free and you can get it on your phone and computer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: procreate is love but that’s more for drawing and costs money. Good luck girl :sparkles::sparkles:

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mines free ,piper art shop free,

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