I need a cover (I will give credit)

Hi, I’m Ava,I need a cover for my new story, Crossing Lines, if anyone is interested please let me know. I tried to make one myself, but I’m not a very good artist
My instagram is @avab_aby8 in ca
The story description is: Carly’s a girl who somehow has the ability to cross over between the worlds, you finally come face to face with your parents after 7 years, and everything starts to make sense.
Story genre: Fantasy
I will of course give credit!
Background:can be anything

Jules: I would like her to look like a ghost

Monty: Also like a ghost


Alison: She’s a vampire

Poses: Probably something like that

Thanks in advance to anyone who even reads this, or attempts

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I could attempt, but I can only do edited covers.
Could you give me a background? I’m not the best at picking backgrounds. :sweat_smile:
And, (sorry for asking for so much.) but I need the details of them, like what skin tone, hair color, etc.

Thanks so much zara3,
Okay so for the background probably EXT. DUPRES PALACE WATERSIDE WALKWAY - DAY
CARLY: skin (rose 2), brows (arched thin-light brown), hair (long wavy blowout-light brown), eyes (Deepset Upturned Wide-Ice blue), face (heart soft), nose (defined natural), lips (small heart-pink beige gloss)
She has a Dagger Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color tattoo and a nose stud silver.

JULES: skin (rose 2), brows (arched thin-light brown), hair (long thick curls-light brown), eyes (Female generic -grey cool), face (heart defined), nose (Grecian Soft), lips (full heart pouty-rose light nude gloss)

MONTY: skin (rose 2), brows (Furrowed Straight S-light brown), hair (Messy Wild Unkempt-medium brown), eyes (Deepset Heavy Lid-brown black), face (Square Long Jaw Stubble), nose (Hooked Grecian), lips (Full Lower Lip Sharp-fair neutral matte)

DANI: skin (Neutral 2), brows (Arched Natural Scar-dark brown), hair (Messy Sock Bun-medium brown), eyes (Monolid Defined-red), face (diamond), nose (Round Button Upturned), lips (Full Heart Pouty Vampire Fangs-dark apricot matte)
She has a Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid and Scar Nose Bridge (08-10)

ALISON: skin (Neutral 2), brows (Arched Natural Scar-light brown), hair (Hair Flip-light brown), eyes (female generic-red), face (diamond-long), nose (Round Broad), lips (Full Round Pouty Vampire Fangs- blood orande gloss)
She has Tribal Sleeve Tattoo, Neck Bite Vampire Scar, and Scar Eye Left (00-03)
Thanks again, and I’m sure that anything you make will be beautiful.

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Of course! I’ll get started and thank you!

Ok, one last thing, (so sorry,) but what are the poses/animations?

No need to apologize, it’s all good
Here’s the script:

@DANI starts shove_argument_give_angry
@ALISON starts shove_argument_receive_angry
@CARLY starts scream_angry
@MONTY starts idle_sad_serious_loop
@JULES starts react_shocked_gasp_pose

And just in case you need the positions:

@DANI spot 0.872 196 180 in zone 1 at layer -1
@MONTY spot 1.064 129 96 in zone 1
@CARLY spot 1.127 262 52 in zone 1
@JULES spot 1.118 33 60 in zone 1
@ALISON spot 0.872 91 173 in zone 1 at layer -1
@ALISON faces right
@CARLY faces left and MONTY faces right
@DANI faces left and JULES faces right

Thank you!

No problem!

I’m finished! Sorry this took awhile… Here are some covers with and without filters and with different fonts and stuff.


Tell me if you want something changed!

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Wow…just wow! That is amazing! Thank you so,so much. I absolutely love them!

Thank you!! I’m glad you like it!

What’s your Instagram, so I can give you credit?

You can just credit my forums name. :grin: