I need a cover (INK)

I’m starting my story and I really need this cover. I will credit you, so please consider.


SKIN: Light
EYES: Upturned feline (green)
EYEBROWS: Mature round.
HAIR: a hair edit in two braids. (chestnut)
FACE: Oval
NOSE: Eleven
MOUTH: Classic (scarlet)
OUTFIT: Doesn’t matter.

Second Character:
EYES: Round piercing (blue)
Mouth: uneven (terracotta)
NOSE: Button
EYEBROWS: Thick arch.
HAIR: Spiked up hair (black)
FACE: Triangle
OUTFIT: doesn’t matter. (tattoos needed though)

HAIR: long bangs (platinum blond)
FACE: defined triangle.
NOSE: Button
SKIN: peach.
MOUTH: uneven (blush)
EYES: Deepest piercing (auburn)
OUTFIT; Doesn’t matter, exept glasses and vampire fangs.

POSE: The two boys having there arms around her waist, as she winks_foward. With the title Silver in fancy letters. I know this is a lot. Sorry!


I can

and you want the 3rd to have glasses and fangs or don’t?

Glasses and fangs.

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Okay, I will start tonight but it is getting late so I more then likely will not get it done tonight.

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Can you actually change the title to Silver Blood? :sweat_smile:

I can do it in a week because i am moving x

How’s it coming?

Still working on it we just stopped getting the storms so should be able to get it done soon.

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Great! Thank you so much! :heart:

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I’m sorry this bad weather but is it just keeps coming due to all the major storms and stuff I’m not going to be able to.

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Okay, hope the weather clears!

@Zoekezoef can you still do it?

DM me x

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