I need a cover made please! INK

I would love it if someone could make me a cover for a story that I am writing. It is in INK Here is the info:

Main Character 1 (Raven): SKIN: Caramel BROW: Seductive Round HAIR: Charcoal Fishtail Braid EYES: Upturned Feline White FACE: Soft Heart NOSE: Soft Natural LIPS: Blossom Scarlet
Outfit: String tank top (Cabernet), Short vest, Maroon military chic boots, High waist jeans new, Hip rocker bracelet, Circle dangle earrings
Animation and Position: disappointed facing right. Front and center she’s my main character.

Main Character 2 (Jaxson): SKIN: Toffee BROW: Medium Sharp HAIR: Black Short Cropped Hair EYES: Athletic Round Blue FACE: Chiseled Square NOSE: Button LIPS: Classic Taupe
Outfit: Ripped punk pants, Stitch boots black, Vneck tshirt black, Puffer vest black, Tattoo
Animation and Position: flirt_wink facing left. On the right of Raven and farely close.

Main Character 3 (Asher): SKIN: Toffee BROW: Thick Arch Athletic HAIR: Chestnut Unstyled Faux Hawk EYES: Narrow Gentle Black FACE: Chiseled Square NOSE: Refined LIPS: Small Round Taupe
Outfit: Black tight pants, Stitch boots black, Black plain suit shirt and tie, Tattoo
Animation and Position: arms_crossed_angry facing left. Off to the right side and further way like he is watching them. He is the antagonist

Main Character 4 (Damon): SKIN: Toffee BROW: Medium Sharp HAIR: Cheyenne Boy Bun EYES: Athletic Round Blue FACE: Chiseled Square NOSE: Button LIPS: Uneven Taupe
Outfit: Large stitch jeans black, Tattoo, Black high top dance shoes, Black beach boy linen shirt
Animation and Position: flirt_shy facing right. To the left of Raven and further away then Jaxson but closer than Asher.

Pick the background. It is a Mafia story and the name is The Queen. Sorry it’s specific. But I hope that someone can make it for me. I will give 100% credit in every episode. Thanks.

Hi! i could do this cover for you, if your okay with waiting a few days , i have a few others i need to finish first. let me know if youd like me to do it!

also here are some of my examples so you can make sure you like my style,

Hey. Thank you so much!! And those covers are amazing!!! Im totally fine with waiting. Whenever you can get them done. Again thank you so much!!

thank you! and okay awesome, ill let you know when they’re done! im assuming you want it as a small and large cover?

Yeah. Sure. Thank you so much!! I will give tons of credit!

okay! your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, i’m just about done with your cover, do you just want the title on it or do you want your author name as well? and if so what name would you like?

Okay I’m finally done with your covers! so here they are, if you would like me to add your name on them
just let me know! :slightly_smiling_face: