I need a cover please help

I need a small and large cover for my new story. I also need a mature themes and strong language photo. Please reply or message me if you can help. Thanks in advance.

Title : The Coldest Winter Ever
You can pick a nice font.
Author: Christina Salvatore
Description: Angelique has had a life of many ups and down. But this seems to be her winning season. But little does she know that is all about to change when she meets Anthony. This is going to be the coldest winter ever. Can she survive the storm ?

Here’s the pic for the cover

I also need 2 splashes i need one to say warning this story contains mature themes and strong language. I need the other to say turn your volume up this story has sound.

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its fine. you could always zoom them a bit if yo want the feet in. but I I dont need them to be there. do you want another pose for the splash

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You can use this one for the splash

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what do you think

and this is for the other one. just keep it in the lines

I love them thank you so much please don’t forget the splashes i will credit your name on here when I publish. Your work is really good.

I wont. i just got stuck in a live stream on youtube of the new fnaf game

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weird qustion but how will you add the splash if you are writhing on mobile?

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Im writing on my laptop to.

okay. I just know you cant write on the same story on mobile and computer

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here you go